Recent Advances in the Delivery, Mechanism of Action and Antibacterial Activity of Silver Nanoparticles




Anti-microbial resistance, Delivery, Mechanism of action, silver nanoparticles


Study’s Novelty/Excerpt

  • This study comprehensively review the significant advancements in the antimicrobial application of silver nanoparticles (AgNPs), focusing on innovative delivery mechanisms such as nanogels, liposomes, and polymer-based nanoparticles.
  • It highlights the unique physicochemical properties of AgNPs that contribute to their antibacterial efficacy, including their ability to disrupt bacterial cell membranes and inhibit biofilm formation.
  • The review also addresses the critical challenges of cytotoxicity and delivery method refinement, emphasizing the potential of AgNPs in combating antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Full Abstract

Nanoparticles,especially silver nanoparticles (AgNPs), have revolutionized various fields like microbiology, biotechnology, pharmacy, and medicine owing to their distinct properties. This research delves into the significant potential of AgNPs in antimicrobial therapy, focusing on recent advancements in their delivery mechanisms, mechanisms of action, and antibacterial efficacy. The effective targeted delivery of AgNPs to specific body sites remains a challenge, leading to innovative approaches in nanotechnology. Nanogels, liposomes, and polymer-based nanoparticles have emerged as promising delivery systems, enhancing the stability, bioavailability, and controlled release of AgNPs. The antimicrobial activity of AgNPs is rooted in their unique physicochemical properties, such as high surface area and reactivity. They disrupt bacterial cell membranes, increasing permeability, causing cell death, and interfering with intracellular components. Additionally, AgNPs have shown potential in inhibiting biofilm formation, a common defense mechanism of bacteria against antibiotics. Despite their promise, addressing issues related to cytotoxicity and refining delivery methods remains imperative. This review comprehensively addresses the challenges associated with the delivery of AgNPs, their cytotoxic effects, and their efficacy against antibiotic-resistant bacteria, highlighting their mechanism of action in bacterial eradication and biofilm inhibition.


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